The Greyhound is a prominent and popular dog breed with a rather long history.

Greyhounds were originally bred as racing canines as well as coursing game (which involves dogs chasing prey by sight, as opposed to tracking animals down by their scent). Their physicality is powerful, yet they are known for their positive behaviour.


  • Gentle
  • Smart
  • Active

Greyhound Temperament & Size

Because of their physicality, greyhounds are predisposed to a rather active lifestyle. They are usually large, energetic dogs with a lot of stamina. They can run at incredible speeds, even up to 64 kilometers per hour (or 40 miles per hour).

Greyhounds are really responsive and clever dogs who loves company and like to do engaging activities.

Greyhound Life Span & Health Problems

The Greyhound has an average lifespan of 9 to 11 years. Although it is not as long as other dog breeds, greyhounds are rarely prone to hereditary diseases.

Greyhounds can be very sensitive to pest sprays or other chemical products.

Greyhounds have a slightly unusual blood chemistry, so it might be a good idea to use a veterinarian that is experienced in treating this particular breed.

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