We all know that cats love grooming themselves, but if your furry friend is clogging up your vacuum cleaner it may be time to give your kitty a helping hand. Read on for our cat grooming tips.

Brush in the direction of the hair

If you snatch your cat from where it’s having a nap and just start brushing it with unbound enthusiasm, the chances are the results are not going to be pleasant. Start a grooming session when your cat is already happy and relaxed perhaps after they have eaten. Keep grooming sessions short and sweet, aim for around 5-10 minutes (depending on your cat’s patience) and reward your cat with plenty of petting.

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Be gentle

Be gentle around particularly sensitive areas like the belly and chest and consider using an old toothbrush on a long haired cats face. That said, we can anticipate if it tickles your cat will let you know quickly!

How often should you groom your cat?

We would recommend grooming your cat once a week, although at different times of the year your cat may need grooming more often.

We hope you enjoy grooming your cat and that they enjoy a pampering session too!