Has your pet been a little rascal recently? Not doing what they are told? Not doing what they were trained to do?

Fear not. There are some common reasons why pets are naughty, and some simple solutions too. Keep reading and your pet will be an angel in no time. Well, we can’t make that a promise, but the information below should certainly help.

This is one of the biggest and most common reasons. Many pets need regular exercise, and that may be more than the odd walk. Extend those distances, make them more frequent and try to allow your pet to run around until they are naturally tired. Your evenings as a result will become a lot more relaxing!

Pets, like us, love to play. It’s not just for exercise though – the mental stimulation they receive is hugely beneficial, is likely to make them happier and is a far better option than leaving them to their own devices!

Many of us get angry and frustrated when we’re hungry – your furry little friends are the same. When they’re waiting longer than expected, and when hunger strikes, chewing household items and jumping for attention can occur. The solution – regular and consistent meal times!

New Environment
Being in a new environment can be exciting, confusing and even scary. When we don’t know how to act, we act out of character. Our advice is to be close to them so they feel safe, whilst ensuring your commands, rewards and behavior are consistent with those at home.

Rules? What Rules?
Your pet may be genuinely confused about what they are allowed, and not allowed, to do. When they’re being naughty, they may think it’s a game, and when you’re getting frustrated, they may be frustrated too. It may be time to revisit pet training which is so crucial for determining their behavior.

We hope this information and advice helps you, and that naughty incidents become a very rare occurrence!