The most wonderful time of the year is almost here. A time to enjoy those special moments with your loved ones, which of course includes your cherished cats and dogs.

Whilst all the humans in the household are unwrapping their gifts, what will your furry friends be opening? After a year of exemplary behavior, surely Santa Paws will be rewarding them too!

Here are 5 Christmas gift ideas for your pets:

New toys

Both children and pets can enjoy toys on Christmas Day! There’s lots to choose from, both online and in stores, so where do you start? We recommend choosing a type of toy you know your pet will warm to, whether it be an interactive, treat-dispensing or comfort toy. This minimises the risk of disappointment! If you do fancy buying something a little different, there’s plenty of bubbles, puzzles and games on the market this year.

New clothes

Christmas is the one day of the year when many of us pop on our best clothes. We like to look our best – your excited pets may want to look their best too! You can help them to look dapper by buying them a smart new sweater, or go one step further with a little dickie bow tie. New clothes aren’t just for Christmas though, so it may be worth looking at something for the year ahead, such as a coat of fleece for those walks when the weather isn’t great.

Special treats

Whilst we’re all passing around the chocolates, what treats can your pets be enjoying? There’s plenty of festive Christmas packs available, some of which include turkey sticks for traditionalists. A couple of our favourite alternative options are chicken liver donuts (they look like real donuts!) and cat-nip filled fortune cookies! Be sure to save space for Christmas lunch though – maybe it’s best to open these treats in the afternoon


After many hours of playing, eating and celebrating, what better way to end the day than by giving your pet a comfy new bed to sleep in! They deserve it! Whilst we’re of the viewpoint that comfort is the most important factor here, there are many styles to choose from which can match your setting, or if you want to be really quirky you can even buy watermelon, pineapple and banana themed pet-beds.

Your love and attention 

This is very corny and should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway, give your pet lots of love and attention on Christmas Day. It’s by far the best gift they can receive. There can be lots going on with family, friends, gifts, food and games but be sure to make time for your pet so that they’re not left out and not overwhelmed by everything new that is happening. They will thank you for it and will have such a special day.

We hope these gift ideas help you. Be sure to have a marvelous time!